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01. About Petsasa

Mission : To help pet owners create the most fulfilling lives for their dear pets.

Thank you for visiting Petsasa Uganda.

Petsasa was established in Kenya in 2019. Since then, we have grown into Uganda and recently to Rwanda.

During the early days when we formed Petsasa, our primary concern was singular; to help fellow pet owners create fulfilling and amazing lives for their pets. That primary focus has not shifted. As we expand to Uganda, we hope and believe that pet owners and their pets will benefit immensely from our products and services that we work hard to create and improve.


by George Maina– FOUNDER

One stop pet care provider

02. Products & Services

Quality products accessible through a convenient online offering at favourable prices .

Good products and incredible prices are nothing if they are inaccessible. My team has been hard at work to fine tune the way our customers access our products our services. We made made major upgrades across our system to keep up with demand, including easy mobile payments and express checkout. 

We are always listening and taking feedback from customers.

by Lilly– Product Manager


Care and Extended


Widest Range

Joahna Doe

Creative Director

John Doe

Junior Developer
We can be more. We will be more

03. More About Petsasa

Together ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results. – Becka Schoettle

Business partnerships has been a core strength at Petsasa. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar pet store, run a veterinary service center, are a professional breeder or offer other services to the pet owning community, we would like to partner with you. 

Working together we can create a business ecosystem that puts pets and pet owners first.


by John Mcgonagall– CEO